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We're Shanna and Francois, the married couple behind Black Suburban Homestead. We help novice, every day people interested in creating a more eco-friendly lifestyle, that aligns with their values, by providing content, e-courses and webinars. We're living proof that if we can do it, anyone can!


A Snapshot of Our Story

Play the video for a brief snapshot of how we got started homesteading


Our Learning Content Is Designed for You


E-courses are designed to be accessible to novice eco-friendly living enthusiasts. Course designs also keep in mind the diversity of students' personal, geographic and residential characteristics. 

Values Based

All courses use a personal values based approach to learning new eco-friendly living skills and sustaining them over the longterm. 

People Focused

E-courses designed by real people for real people. The creative minds behind Black Suburban Homestead courses are real people just like you, with busy professional and personal lives. Courses aim to provide instructive, simple and succinct content. 



Are You Interested In...

Eco-Friendly Living

Imagine living a life that's more in line with your values. A life that allows you to live in a more eco-friendly way through gardening, composting, food preservation and other eco-friendly practices. 

That Makes Sense for Your Life

And that allows you to do so in a way that feels good and that works for the amount of time you have, the space you live in and the support available to you. 

Let's Get Started

We've made it easy for you. Affordable courses and accessible content, designed by "real" people for "real" people, in simple terms.

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