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Does the idea of being more self-sufficient appeal to you? What about creating your own farm-to-table experience right in your own backyard, balcony or window seal? Or maybe you have kids and you'd like to teach them where food actually comes from? There's never been a better time to get started gardening as we witness the supply chain for our food system break down right before our eyes. No matter how much space or time you have, there's a gardening option for you, we promise! Interested? Scroll down...

We Were Novices Just Like You

Hi, Shanna and Francois here, the married couple behind Black Suburban Homestead. We were once novices just like you (check us out standing in front of our tomato pergola, cool right?). We started our gardening journey 6-years ago, while raising three kids, managing our professional lives and living in a busy metropolitan suburb. We now cultivate in three gardens, compost, preserve food and much more. But it all started with one garden! What we lacked in the beginning was a solid plan and key gardening tips to ease our entry into gardening.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

We love this African proverb and with the right guidance you can go far AND fast. Yes, you absolutely can figure out how to garden on your own, but how long will it take you and how much trial and error will it require? For us, the answer was ALOT! But we did learn and we'd like to help you accelerate your learning curve. So we're offering you a FREE consolidated resource with 5 SIMPLE STEPS to plan and implement your garden - the right way! Us gardeners have to stick together.

What You'll Get in the Checklist

Garden Options

The types of gardening options available to you as you plan your garden. There's an option for everyone and every space.


How to decide what to plant and a list of fast growing plants that produce quickly. 


Key questions to ask yourself to develop a sustainable gardening journey. 

FREE CHECKLIST: 5 Simple Steps to Plan and Implement Your Garden

You got this!

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