About Us

Hi there! We’re Shanna and Francois, the married team behind Black Suburban Homestead. We’re suburban homesteaders based in the greater DC Metropolitan area. We started our homesteading journey 5 years ago by joining a local community garden and we’ve expanded every year since. Now we cultivate in two community gardens and a sizeable portion of our residence. We also compost, preserve food and incorporate other sustainability practices into our daily living.

Francois hails from Cameroon, where he grew up participating in family agricultural activities as a child. We actually met in Cameroon, when Shanna was there as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Shanna’s homesteading interest emerged five years ago in an effort to reclaim her wellbeing after several years of a rigorous PhD program.

We have four kids and busy professional lives outside of our homesteading work. But with hard work and intention, we’ve been able to cultivate a life where we are living and eating our values. Black Suburban Homestead emerged as an effort to share our journey and lessons to help others create their own values based eco-friendly life in ways that makes sense for them.


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